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Dr. Victor Moisseev got his first degree at the University of Calgary and dental degree at New York University. At University he was president of his class, participated in graduate committees and established charitable organisations, some of which are still reaching out to the people in need today. He engaged in extensive continuing education in implants, orthodontics and aesthetic dentistry. Dr. Moisseev is committed to his family and loves watersports like surfing, paddleboarding and windsurfing.

Dr. Jasper C. Follows was born and raised in West Vancouver. He completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of Melbourne and practiced dentistry in Australia. Now, Dr. Follows is an experienced dentist well versed in latest techniques. He is committed to provide excellent dental care with utmost attention to detail and highest ethical standards.  

Dr. Jan Easton went to dental school on the East coast and has had an impeccable reputation with his patients for over 30 years. His patients have enjoyed consistent, long-term stable prosthetic (crowns and bridges), orthodontic and aesthetic dentistry. Dr. Easton is a car and train enthusiast and is a valued member of the West Vancouver Community.

Dr. Johnston went on to graduate from the University of British Columbia Dental School and the University of Washington. Following his graduation, he taught at UBC in different capacities for many years. Dr. Johnston is proud to be a past president of both the British Columbia Society of Prosthodontists and Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics. He has served patients from the same office in West Vancouver since 1980.